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The Sinhalese Cultural Forum (SCF) of NSW is the foremost community organisation for the Sinhala community in NSW. Sinhalese Cultural Centre Limited (SCC) is its not-for-profit organisation established in 2015 with the aim of establishing a Cultural Centre dedicated to promote and preserve the over 3000 years old, rich Sinhalese Culture and education in the multicultural Australia, specifically in NSW.
As one of the initial activities of the SCC, we are taking part in the SCF’s annual cultural extravaganza “Miyasi Rangana”. Amongst many events and activities SCF hosts, Miyasi Rangana is a feature show that showcases the rich Sinhalese culture presented by a collection of talented Sri Lankan artists in Sydney.
Miyasi Rangana (MR) attracts an audience over 800 to witness the show. Indirectly the show touches over 20000 Sri Lankans living in Sydney and New South Wales via various media and social networks.
The proceeds from these sponsorships and advertising will primarily be used for establishing the Sinhalese Cultural Centre in Sydney.
This event will be held on 6th August 2016 at the modern Science Theatre of the UNSW, Sydney. The show will be patronaged by the eminent, rich and vibrant Sri Lankan Community. Therefore, we offer this remarkable opportunity to promote your products or services and reach a good segment of this community.