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The Sinhalese Cultural Centre Ltd (SCC) is a charitable purpose not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, constitutionally established in December 2015 in order to build and manage a facility to conduct current cultural and educational activities undertaken by The Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW (SCF). The sole member of SCC is the SCF, represented by its membership.
The SCF is essentially the parent organisation of the SCC and the SCC was established under the same objective guidelines of the SCF. It is essentially another “operational arm” of the SCF created to achieve the goal of establishing a dedicated Sinhalese Cultural Centre in NSW. The SCC is currently registered as a Charity Organisation in Australia. The SCC is a Deductible Gift Recepient (DGR) and all the donation to our Public Fund are tax deductible.

The Sinhalese Cultural Forum (SCF)

The Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW is the leading community organization representing the large Sinhalese community living in New South Wales, Australia. The SCF was established on 25th March 1990, by a group of Sinhalese community members with the intention of promoting and fostering Sinhalese culture in New South Wales and Australia, within the overarching framework of multiculturalism and the concept of cultural diversity in a united Australia. This group of community members saw the need for an organisation to meet the common needs and desires of the Sinhalese Australians. In the last 26 years, the SCF has grown to a well-established community organisation serving the community in many ways.
There are over 32000 Australian citizens and permanent residents with Sinhalese descent living in NSW, Australia. This large community is directly benefited by the services provided by the SCF and are regular participants of its activities.

Our Objectives
The primary objectives of the SCC are stated in the Constitution as follows:

  1. To provide a permanent place where Sinhalese cultural activities can be conducted.
  2. To raise funds, source land, commission designs, secure relevant approvals and engage with all necessary professional advisers, bankers, statutory authorities, members of the public and Sinhalese cultural experts as necessary during the planning, acquisition or construction of land and buildings for the Cultural Centre.
  3. To manage the operations of the Cultural Centre to promote Sinhalese culture consistently with the objectives of the Forum and as an adjunct to the work of the Forum.
  4. To preserve, hold, and keep safe items of Sinhalese cultural heritage, including artefacts, artwork, written material, records, communications and information technology.
  5. To provide performance spaces, training facilities, rehearsal rooms, tuition spaces and ancillary technical support to allow promotion of cultural performance, including dramatic, musical, dance, oratory, literary or any specifically culturally relevant activity.
  6. Explore and maximise commercial use of the Cultural Centre as an ancillary activity to raise funds for the Centre.
  7. To source necessary staff or volunteers who will attend to required duties at the Cultural Centre.
  8. To conduct general or specific on going fund raising activities, whether by conducting functions, seeking donations or bequests, or applying for relevant government grants.
  9. To conduct any activities ancillary to those contained in this clause 3 but in all senses to operate exclusively subject to the overall objectives of the Forum.
  10. To seek listing on the Register of Cultural Organisations.

What is Sinhalese Cultural Centre

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Annual Reports

The Sinhalese Cultural Centre Annual Reports and the related information can be found here.

Current Board of Directors