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The Sinhalese Cultural Centre (SCC) is progressing well and the community is reaping the benefits as we are coming out of the COVID pandemic. The activities at the Sinhalese Cultural Centre is increasing and get exciting!   This is Our Cultural Centre, belongs to the whole community, established with the excellent and continuous support from the community, in particular many volunteers supporting activities day and night, JanaShakthi contributors who donated generously and every one in the community who contributed in numerous ways.

We need your continuous support to sustain and further develop the Cultural Centre for us in the living generations and many future generations to come.

Current Status and Activities at SCC 

The Sinhalese Cultural Centre is used by the Sinhalese Cultural Forum (SCF), the SCF sub-organisations such as Sinhala Language Schools, Tharuna Youth Group (TYG), Writers Guild and Orange Leaf Seniors Group. Further many other Sri Lankan community organisations have started to use the SCC for their activities. These activities includes meetings, social gatherings, education workshops, teacher training sessions, dancing/music/drama practices, food preparation activities to support fundraising activities and many more. The SCC team is delighted to see the Cultural Centre is used well and the usage is increasing.

Your support is so vital – Please contribute to JanaShakthi Summer Appeal!

The sustainment and further development of the SCC is so important to the whole community. The sustainment it self costs nearly $3000 per month (or $100 per day)  including the loan repayments. We all know that interest rates have gone up and making the repayments much higher.The SCC team with great volunteers make a large effort to raise funds through various fundraising activities. We also pursue government funding where possible. However, we certainly need your contribution to fill the significant funding gaps in sustainment and to prepare for the development in the near future.

We kindly request everyone of you to make donations to our JanaShakthi Summer Appeal with best of your ability. They can be lump sum contributions or regular contributions. You can make the contributions with a credit card or a bank transfer to our Public Fund. All the details are provided in our JanaShakthi Contribution  Scheme page at https://www.ozlanka.com/janashakthi/.

Please note that All the Contributions to SCC Public Fund are Tax Deductible.

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