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It is great to see how the property at 28 Cacia Avenue, Seven Hills is transforming into the Sinhalese Cultural Centre – a historical news to our whole Sinhalese/Sri Lankan community in Sydney, NSW.

The SCC team with the great support of the community members is very busy at the moment in renovating the property. The renovation includes removing some internal partitions and consolidating areas, modifications to electrical and other wiring, painting, flooring etc. The work also includes removal of some trees, replacing portions of fences etc. Some work are done by the professional licensed tradesman and other work are done by the volunteers, depending on the type of work.

There are many other parts of the renovation which need volunteers and financial contributors support. This includes curtains/blinds, audio and multimedia systems, garden tools and equipment, landscaping work and many other. This is our own community hub – your support is vital at the moment. Please call Nihal (0417 660646) or Upul (0425 272945) for details and offer support.

The initial renovation is expected to be completed in the coming weeks. The inauguration of the Sinhalese Cultural Centre is planned toward the end of March!

Your support is very important at this moment! The initial renovation is estimated to cost around $30,000. Paying-off the principal of the property loan is very important so that we can sustain the facility and embark on the long term development program.

Our community supported us to come this far by supporting our fundraising activities and donations including JanaShakthi Contributions and General Donations. So many of you have already contributed – Thank you. Many more have  the intention to contribute – this is our appeal to you!.

JanaShakthi Contributions and all General Donations can be made through the Ozlanka Community Crowdfunding Campaign at https://www.ozlanka.com/sinhalese-cultural-centre-property-acquisition-fundraiser/

Please note that all the donations to our Public Fund are Tax Deductible.

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